With the amount of machine data seeming to increase without bound, the job of the Splunk architect has become a challenge. Reducing complexity, improving data security, and eliminating bottlenecks are top priorities. Traditional IT infrastructure is ill-suited to address the needs of growing Splunk installations.

The solutions comprising the Nutanix portfolio can help your organization take the complexity out of managing infrastructure for Splunk, allowing Splunk experts to spend more time extracting insight from data. Nutanix allows Splunk to take full advantage of server virtualization without the limitations of other solutions.

Join this webinar and learn how you can:

  • Ingest terabytes of data per day and process millions of events per second, all while scaling incrementally based on current budget and need
  • Increase overall security without adding silos to your environment and maintain compliance with the strictest industry standards
  • Leverage the benefits of choosing Nutanix, such as built-in availability, life cycle management, and one-click management

About the Speaker:

Alex Maier, one of August Schell’s senior engineers and Splunk Certified architect, will be delivering the demo. Alex has been deploying, maintaining, and expanding our customer's Splunk environments for more than seven years.

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