Protecting national security interests and critical infrastructure from cyber attacks can be challenging, especially in today’s complex landscape of threat vectors. The need to validate security effectiveness becomes a priority mission. How is your organization ensuring that your security investments are working the way they’re supposed to?

Mandiant Security Validation (MSV) is a powerful cyber risk posture validation tool that creates more alignment among CISOs and other agency leaders, allowing them to validate cyber processes, continually test and monitor cybersecurity effectiveness, and mitigate risk through more robust cyber hygiene and security posture practices.

Join August Schell and Swagat Das on June 30, 2020 to learn how your organization can use MSV to:

  • make ROI-based decisions on cyber spending.
  • maintain optimal security posture.
  • validate the efficacy of cyber tools and processes.
  • ensure your cyber investments are protecting the organization against real-world threats.
About the Speaker:

Swagat Das, Consulting Business Engineer, joined August Schell in December 2019. Before coming on board, Swagat spent the previous seven years working in the Office of Personnel Management Security Operations Center (OPM SOC). In his last four years at OPM, Swagat served as the Branch Chief of Cyber Engineering and Data Protection. During this time he also served as the contracting officer’s representative (COR) for OPM cyber acquisitions.