Ease your way through Risk Management Framework (RMF) initiatives with Splunk. Join us for a walk-through on how to leverage this powerful Big Data solution for real-time reporting and alerting based on machine data aggregation from any source, no matter where it lies within your organization.

The RMF process is carried out as a set of well-defined, risk-related tasks by individuals or groups with well-defined roles within the organization. Splunk can be leveraged to assist agencies in facilitating and enabling their RMF process, specifically with Assessment and Monitoring. Splunk is a cost effective, flexible and integrated solution that can help meet a variety of compliance requirements.

Join August Schell and Alex Maier on Thursday, November 5 to learn how Splunk can help satisfy these RMF mandates through:

  • continuous monitoring of security controls and their effectiveness.
  • audit trail collection and reporting.
  • determining acceptability of security controls in terms of risk levels.
  • collecting, retaining, searching, alerting, and reporting on logs from all assets and activities.

About the Speakers:

Alex Maier, one of August Schell’s senior engineers and Splunk-certified architect, will be delivering the demo. Alex has been deploying and assisting Splunk deployments for more than six years within the federal space.