Box is a soon-to-be USACE CIO-G6-approved secure content management platform that facilitates collaboration both internally and externally with parties such as academia, contractors & other government agencies seamlessly and securely. As part of work with CIO G6, Box and August Schell are currently reaching out to teams that could utilize Box. We expect Box to be fully approved and widely available across the Corps by February 2022, and we are helping gauge demand for CIO G6 structure their enterprise contract for the future.

This live webinar will serve as a full demo of Box specifically catered to the USACE’s needs and will discuss how you can access Box - and full Q&A.

CIO G6 is providing Box availability across the Corps to solve a longstanding problem: the inability to share and collaborate with partners outside of USACE on large and sensitive content.

We have talked to hundreds of your colleagues there at USACE and have heard many seem to be suffering from similar issues including:
  • An inability to share or collaborate on large sensitive files with external parties.
  • No efficient way to intake documents, images, or forms from private sector partners or the public.
  • No way to access your mission critical CUI content when not on a government machine or VPN.
  • Ability to access your CUI content anywhere on any device.

For some additional context, Box is an IL4 approved platform to solve these issues used by Army JAG Corps, DARPA, NCIS, the Army Corps of Engineers, and Air Force Education Training Command.