With the rise in remote work, Zero Trust security grew tremendously in the past year. At the same time, identity-based attacks skyrocketed last year. This means that developing a Zero Trust security strategy that gives the right people access to the right resources at the right time is critical.

There is no silver bullet when it comes to Zero Trust, but many organizations choose identity and access management as the foundation for their Zero Trust strategy. With Okta, you can move away from traditional perimeter-focused approaches to security and instead focus resources on enabling access for all users – regardless of their location, device, or network. Okta also integrates with solutions across your security stack so you can strengthen your organization even more easily.

Ready to get started on your Zero Trust journey with Okta? Join August Schell’s upcoming webinar to find out more about:

  • How to move from a fragmented identity ecosystem to a unified IAM approach with contextual access.
  • Meet new security requirements as put forth in mandates from the Federal government, insurance companies, and more.
  • Enable contextual Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) to enable access to a range of apps. 
  • How to integrate your IAM solution with other apps to enable the Zero Trust enterprise.

About the speakers:

Tom Simmons - Senior Sales Engineer

Tom Simmons is a Senior Sales Engineer at August Schell with a focus on identity and encryption solutions. He has worked with Okta since starting at August Schell and has been in the identity field in both the government and private sector for over five years. Prior to working with August Schell, Tom worked at an identity software startup and spent five years in the Navy.