Moving from DIACAP to Risk Management Framework (RMF)? The Struggle is Real – Ease the Way with Splunk!

The struggle is real as the DoD moves from DIACAP to RMF. System owners are challenged to adopt technology that can address the more dynamic controls required by the Risk Management Framework, particularly in the audit control family where the ongoing collection and analysis of log data is critical.

Enter Splunk, a next-generation monitoring and analytics solution that collects and indexes any machine data from virtually any source, format, or location in real time, and translates it to actionable insights. Splunk helps DoD agencies monitor and assess their systems for RMF compliance by automating the gathering, analysis, and reporting of system data relevant to RMF control families in a cost-efficient manner.

Join Splunk & August Schell to learn how Splunk can:

  • Implement audit controls using a common platform and interface
  • Gain unprecedented granular visibility into compliance posture in real time
  • Ensure a passing scorecard with easier audits and self-reporting
  • Improve efficiencies and accelerate time-to-value
  • Enable assessment of implementation and effectiveness of controls

Featured Speaker: Splunk Certified Architect and August Schell Engineer, Alex Maier