Join August Schell for our upcoming webinar:

Automate Like Never Before with Splunk SOAR

Hosted exclusively for the FSI community


Date: Tuesday July 9, 2024 from 1pm to 2pm EST


About This Webinar:

Security operations centers (SOCs) are overwhelmed. Analysts are drowning in a seemingly endless sea of security alerts — too many to fully investigate and resolve each day. Security operations work is rife with monotonous and repetitive tasks, especially at the Tier 1 analyst level. 

Join August Schell's Senior Splunk Architect Alex Maier to explore how Splunk SOAR can provide security orchestration, automation and response capabilities to empower your SOC to go from overwhelmed to in control.

Clear a vast majority of alerts and repetitive tasks with no human interaction:

Splunk SOAR can streamline your response and automation processes by consolidating alerts and data from the various tools in your environment, ensuring timely and prioritized responses. Splunk's data-centric approach, backed by the power of machine learning, further amplifies its capabilities.

Take prioritized action:

Through better risk prioritization, Splunk SOAR helps reduce the mean time to detect critical threats and reduce threat investigation times from hours to minutes. Cutting down on threat dwell time allows for a more proactive approach. Additionally, built-in threat research and insights from the Splunk Threat Research Team help you make informed decisions and stay ahead of threats.

Force multiply your team:

SOCs are short-staffed. There’s a cybersecurity talent shortage. But with Splunk SOAR, you can make a team of 3 feel like a team of 10. Splunk SOAR’s orchestration and automation capabilities enables teams to execute tasks quickly and efficiently, freeing up valuable time for them to focus on more strategic activities. 

Automation made easy:

Whether you’re new to coding or a Python expert, Splunk SOAR provides you with the means to create and customize playbooks. The Visual Playbook Editor simplifies the playbook creation process by allowing you to assemble custom workflows with prebuilt code blocks and action strings. Splunk SOAR also features input playbooks for basic security and IT tasks, which can be integrated into larger playbooks and security workflows.

Get more out the security tools you have:

Splunk SOAR is designed to integrate and enhance your security operations seamlessly. It orchestrates your security stack by connecting with 300+ third-party tools and supporting 2,800+ automated actions. This ensures that you can streamline complex workflows across various teams and tools without the need to massively overhaul your existing security stack.

Event Instructors:

Alex Maier Image

Alex Maier

Certified Splunk Solutions Architect



Event Logistics:

This webinar is hosted over Zoom and each attendee will need a laptop with access to a modern web browser with internet connectivity.