Join us for a webinar on January 11, 2022 at 2:00PM EDT and watch Alex Maier demonstrate how to leverage Splunk’s Security Suite to help achieve overall compliance.

Achieving the highest levels of compliance requires independent auditors, known as C3PAOs.  Environments must be accredited at least every 3 years, and in the case of higher level certifications for Prime contractors, the requirement could be as frequent as annually. This is in stark contrast to DFARS self-attestation and lack of follow-up on POAM to address controls. Certification at respective compliance levels will ultimately become a bid/no-bid requirement for DoD procurements. This short time line makes it increasingly important that organizations have a streamlined and robust approach to attestation, and continuous monitoring for long-term compliance and maturity growth.

Splunk’s Approach:

Splunk provides an open, data-to-everything platform with more than 19,000 customers across commercial and public sector entities. Splunk’s customers include all four branches of US Armed Forces, DoD agencies and defense contractors. With Splunk, organizations can overcome the aforementioned historical challenges. Splunk has developed its compliance solution to address the requirements of DoD’s new Cybersecurity Maturity Model. 

Tune in to to learn how you can leverage Splunk's compliance solution to:

  • Continuously monitor your environment to achieve and maintain security and compliance requirements
  • Accelerate the adoption and achievement of compliance-related practices.
  • Capture organizational efficiency by applying a consistent enterprise data environment.
  • Reduce complexity with audit information, traceability and activity in one environment.
  • Save time with automated data collection and furnishing of requirements to address audits.
  • Chart a path towards achieving more advanced levels of Maturity Certification

What we'll cover:

  • Brief introductions and an overview of the session
  • A demonstration of Splunk's compliance apps
  • An overview of Splunk Enterprise Security
  • An overview of Splunk Phantom
  • Identification of data sources needed for compliance