As employees start to transition back into the office, contact tracing has become more important than ever. If an employee tests positive for COVID, what do you do? Do you have a workflow in place to respond to an event bound to occur? Do you rely on your employees memory to know who they were in contact with?

On-boarding your badge scans into Splunk has changed the game. From a single data source, we can now:

  • Track close encounters between your personnel within your work environment.
  • Monitor zone density based on badge scans - in and out - of a designated area.
  • Identify unusual behavior such as badge scans at unusual times, quick visits, and employees attempting to access restricted zones.
  • Audit activity to analyze a person, a badge scanner, or general compliance.
  • Upload custom floor plans and visualize analytics on top of the image.
  • Enrich your data with vaccination records of your personnel to ensure the safety and health of your employees.

Join August Schell's Alex Maier as he provides a live demonstration of how your organization can benefit from Splunk Contact Tracing. 

About the Speaker:

Alex Maier, senior engineer and Splunk Certified Architect, will be delivering the demo. Alex has been deploying, maintaining, and expanding our customer's Splunk environments for more than eight years and is qualified to support our numerous customers' Splunk needs.